5 products correspond to the condition.

Paper Dust Bag
Product Name: Paper dust bag
Product: Paper dust bag for professional use
Materials: Waste paper, Tyvek
Processes: Laminating, printing, bag making, cutting, folding, pressure bonding
Application: Paper dust bag for industrial vacuum cleaners
Feature: Manufactured on a single line, from material acceptance to packaging

Refrigerator Shelf Part
Product Name: Glass shelf
Product: Refrigerator glass shelf
Materials: Glass, resin (PP, ABS, etc.), sheet metal
Processes: Tempered glass insert injection molding, sheet metal pressing
Application: Household refrigerator shelves
Feature: Imported from a Chinese manufacturer via ATZ overseas location

Vending Machine Carriage Belt
Product Name: Carriage belt
Product: Carriage belt
Materials: Plastic, textile
Process: Assembly
Application: Belt for carrying products inside food vending machines

1) Sensor Glass 2) Cover Glass
Product Name: Sensor glass
Product: Sensor glass
Material: Glass
Processes: Sputtering, etching
Application: Car navigation system sensors
Feature: Compliant with in-vehicle quality requirements
Product Name: Cover glass
Product: Cover glass
Material: Glass
Processes: CNC processing, surface treatment
Application: Car navigation system covers
Feature: Luxurious cover made with glass material and anti-glare surface treatment

Product Name: FPCs & COFs
Products: Electronic devices (mobile phones, tablet computers, car navigation systems, displays), manufacturing equipment
Material: Polyimide
Process: Cover formation by means of etching
Application: Connection of various circuits
Features: Supplied from vendors in Korea, China, and Taiwan; compatible with various specifications; (rigid FPCs, multilayer, component mounting) available in small to large lots