We pledge to continuously work to develop our ability and enhance our organization capability; to contribute to society while refining the personality of all our members. Finally to achieve richness to everyone’s life.

The meaning of "ATRYZ"


The name "ATRYZ" is intended to represent our circumstances, our attitude, and our way of thinking.
The name consists of the letters A and Z, connected by the word "try."
In short, the name "ATRYZ" represents our passion for active and resolute efforts to attempt anything ("try") when it comes to our customers' needs, handling everything ("A to Z") no matter how difficult the problem, even in new and unknown fields. In addition, our logo features a transition from circles to ellipses, representing the growth of both our individual sections and our company as a whole, as we focus on reliability, networking, enthusiasm, vitality, the potential the future holds, and much more.