Our Environmental Efforts

Our Environmental Charter

We shall conduct our business activities based on the philosophy that we must preserve and improve the condition of our irreplaceable global environment, to pass it along to future generations.

Our Environmental Policy

At ATRYZ YODOGAWA Co., Ltd., our work is focused mainly on the production and sales of industrial rubber and plastic products, primarily for use in household appliances and electronic communications devices. We committed to preserve environment through implementation of the followings policies:


We are conscious of the environmental aspects of each of our company's activities, products, and services, as well as of the importance of preserving biodiversity; consequently, to aid in our efforts to prevent environmental pollution and reduce CO2 emissions, we have established an environment management system, and maintain and continually improve this system.


We set our own voluntary standards when necessary, which we maintain, in order to comply with laws and regulations relating to these environmental aspects, as well as other requirements we have agreed to.


We provide environmentally consious products and services such as reducing energy consumption, waste and control of pullution.


In order to protect the global environment and biodiversity, we work with a focus on the following environmental management themes, selected from the most significant environmental aspects involved in our company's activities, products, and services:
i. Inventory reduction
ii. Restriction and reduction of amount of waste product emissions


To promote environmental protection activities, we set environmental targets, which are then systematically enforced and periodically reviewed.


This Environmental Policy shall be made available in writing, and shall be not only be spread among all people who work in and for our organization, but shall also be made available to the public.