for the Future of Manufacturing.

The ability to solve problems, manufacturing based on customers' ideas: at ATRYZ YODOGAWA, this has always been, and will always be, the value we provide.
ATRYZ YODOGAWA supports customer manufacturing from every angle, both as a trading company and as a manufacturer with both development and production functions.
No matter how the times change, no matter how the challenges faced by manufacturing change, we will always serve as a coordinator of advanced technologies, boldly trying flexible ideas and fresh new sensations, focusing all of our effort on rapidly solving customers' challenges. At ATRYZ YODOGAWA, we look forward to continuing to be an organization of enthusiastic manufacturing professionals.

A Track Record of Diverse Manufacturing

ATRYZ YODOGAWA's customers come from a wide variety of fields: vehicles, home appliances, household fixtures, information and communication devices, and more.
We use the experience and knowledge we have developed through this diverse work to help push our customers' manufacturing forward, from development to mass production.

Breakdown of Materials Handled Breakdown of Items Delivered

From Materials to Modular Components

ATRYZ YODOGAWA handles everything from materials and components to the design, trial production, and mass production of modular items.
We demonstrate our skills as a member of the customer's team, starting at the development stage, to meet the ever-increasing needs of functional units and modular components.

High Production Standards,
from Trial Production to Mass Production

By making the most of the manufacturing network we have built throughout Japan and worldwide, we provide whatever products are necessary in a wide variety of environments, from mass-produced items to single-unit custom jobs.
The quality control departments at each of our branches work with suppliers for thorough quality control and quality assurance, ensuring high quality and high standards in manufacturing.

Contributing through Proposals

We use our expert manufacturing knowledge and serve as a supplier with procurement routes in various countries, in order to focus on proposals for customers that save on costs, as well as proposals for VA/VE.
We put all of our efforts into improving our customers' cost competitiveness and quality competitiveness.

Contributing through Speed

We offer more and more rapid manufacturing in order to meet the needs of ever-shorter product life cycles.
We help customers go from designs to mass production faster than ever, through prompt provision of information, trial production support, and procurement and manufacturing services.

Global Support

We have 24 branches in nine countries. Our supply network offers everything from procurement of materials and components to multi-step manufacturing.
As a result, our support system transcends borders to help customers' businesses.