Our CSR Efforts

Our CSR Code of Conduct

At ATRYZ YODOGAWA Co., Ltd., we work toward the continuous development of society by developing as a partner and supplier for our users. We take responsibility for, and pride in, our role in global society through all of our business activities.

1. Human Rights and Labor

We have deep respect for human rights, and work to eliminate discrimination in employment and work. We prohibit child labor and forced labor. We follow the laws of the countries and regions we operate in, and ensure appropriate work hours and pay. We build safe workplace environments, and take our staff members' health into consideration. We also work to develop workplaces where staff members can improve their skills, and we work to otherwise develop our human resources.

2. The Environment

We appropriately manage both the chemical substances in the products we sell and those used in their production, with strict adherence to both regulations requested by the user, and international regulations. We have built an environment management system, and continue to work to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce waste materials, reduce consumption of resources, and reduce energy consumption. We also work to prevent environmental pollution in regions where we operate.

3. Compliance

We strictly observe the laws and regulations of the countries and regions we operate in, as well as international laws. We prohibit corrupt or dishonest actions. We refuse to take advantage of our position of relative strength in dealing with clients, choosing instead to engage in fair business trading. In addition, we take information security into consideration, and work to safely maintain both our own and our clients' information.

4. Quality and Safety

We place significant effort and care on offering products with consistent safety and quality, to both meet the safety standards of each country and region we operate in, and to achieve the quality desired by our users. We have built a quality management system, which allows us to properly manage product and quality information.

5. Contributing to Society

We work to put our management resources, including our human resources, to use in contributing to society. We accept the responsibility that comes with being a member of the community in regional society.

6. Development at Our Own Company, Our Group Companies, and Clients' Companies

We spread awareness of the philosophy and significance of CSR to all parts of our company, and build our activities on a foundation of CSR. We aim to continue spreading this not only within our own company, but within our group companies as well. We also strive to grasp our clients' current CSR situation, and offer insight and support as necessary.

January 11, 2011

Efforts regarding Conflict Minerals

In accordance with our CSR Code of Conduct, based on our focus on societal responsibility, we consider it a fundamental policy not to use conflict minerals in our products. We would like to declare the following regarding conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries, that become a source of capital for organizations that violate human rights, harm the environment, and/or engage in inhumane military activity:

1. We understand and approve of the purpose and goals of the US Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act with regard to conflict minerals.

2. We work with customers and suppliers to make active efforts to avoid the use of conflict minerals.

3. In the event that it is discovered that a product we offer uses conflict minerals, we will swiftly take appropriate measures.

Efforts toward Eliminating Antisocial Forces

We believe that the elimination of organized crime and other antisocial forces from society is the very definition of compliance as corporate ethics, and we consider it a fundamental policy to take a resolute position to never yield to threats or unreasonable demands.