Rubber Components

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Ship Seat Rings
Product Name: Seat rings for ship valves
Product: Seat rings for butterfly valves
Material: NBR, mild steel (JIS SS400)
Processes: Transfer molding, injection molding, metal, rubber
Application: Butterfly valves for ships

Water Purifier Faucet
Product Name: Alkaline water purifier faucet
Product: Alkaline water purifier component
Material: ABS
Processes: Injection molding, coating, ultrasonic deposition
Application: Water faucet for water purifiers

Bath Remote Control
Product Name: Bath remote control
Product: Bath remote control & monitor unit
Materials: PC resin, rubber, metal, electronics
Process: Injection molding, ultrasonic deposition, etc.
Application: Installed in a bathroom to supply hot water, control temperature, etc.
Feature: Small built-in speaker for highly audible audio in a bathroom

Buttons and Keys
Product Name: Key sheets, button keys
Products: Electronic devices (mobile phones, tablet computers)
Materials: PC, aluminum, silicone, etc.
Processes: Injection molding, forging & cutting (metal), compression (rubber)
Application: Buttons for mobile phones, etc.
Features: Various decorations can be added by means of coating, vapor deposition, printing, hot stamping, laser, anodization, etc.; manufactured in our own plant (Hangzhou Atryz, China)

Conveyor Chain
Product Name: Conveyer main body chain
Product: Conveyer main body chain
Materials: Plastics, elastomer, stainless steel
Processes: Injection molding (2 color molding) & metal cutting
Application: Bill conveyors
Feature: Injection-molded parts and machined metal parts (metal pins) are combined to assemble a chain.

Washstand Hose Unit
Product Name: Shower hose assembly
Product: Shower hose assembly
Materials: Stainless steel, ABS, EPDM, PVC, brass
Processes: Injection molding, plastic plating, metal cutting, assembly
Application: Shower hoses for washstands
Feature: Direct plating has excellent corrosion resistance

Vehicle-Mounted Camera Washing Pump
Product Name: PUMP ASSY-AIR
Product: Rear view camera washing pump
Materials: PPS, rubber
Processes: Injection molding, press work
Application: Rear view camera cleaning
Features: Model-specific design (pressed items); all parts are assembled; delivered as finished products

Product Name: Farm equipment tires
Products: Farm equipment tires
Material: NBR, SBR, IIR, brass
Process: Compression molding
Application: Farm equipment tires
Feature: Also available in custom specifications and sizes

Kitchen Faucet
Product Name: Sprayer hose assembly
Product: Sprayer hose
Materials: Stainless steel, ABS, EPDM, PVC, brass
Processes: Injection molding, plating, assembly
Application: Sprayer hose for kitchens
Feature: Direct plating has excellent corrosion resistance