Plastic Components

34 products correspond to the condition.

Forklift Tank
Product Name: Oil tank assembly
Product: Plastic tank
Materials: PP containing talc, PP containing glass, nylon mesh, metal
Processes: Blow molding, insert molding, outsert molding, assembly
Application: Forklift oil tank
Features: Large blow molding; use of plastics instead of metal

Kitchen Faucet
Product Name: Sprayer hose assembly
Product: Sprayer hose
Materials: Stainless steel, ABS, EPDM, PVC, brass
Processes: Injection molding, plating, assembly
Application: Sprayer hose for kitchens
Feature: Direct plating has excellent corrosion resistance

Vending Machine Operation Panel Part
Product Name: Cup vending machine operation panel
Product: Cup vending machines
Materials: ABS, film
Processes: Injection molding, water transfer printing
Application: Cup vending machine button area
Feature: Wood-grain pattern made by water transfer printing

1) Food Showcase Filter 2) Dispenser Pump Assembly 3) Dispenser Chute 4) Dispenser Cleaning Brush
Product Name: Donut showcase filter
Product: Donut showcase filter
Material: PP
Process: Injection molding
Product Name: Pump assembly for cup vending machines
Product: Pump assembly for coffee dispensers
Process: Assembly
Product Name: Chute for cup vending machines
Product: Chute for coffee dispensers
Material: PP
Process: Blow molding
Product Name: Caffè latte machine cleaning brush
Product: Coffee dispenser cleaning brush
Materials: Stainless steel, nylon hair
Product Name: Refrigerant socket (coupler)
Product: Socket for coffee dispensers
Materials: Brass, stainless steel