Press (Metal, etc.)

8 products correspond to the condition.

Ship Valve Parts
Product Name: Ship valve body
Product: Valve body
Material: Stainless steel
Processes: Casting, cutting
Application: A device to control fluid flow

Hair Sprayer for Beauty Salon Treatments
Product Name: Hair beauty salon treatment product
Product: Hair beauty salon treatment sprayer
Material: ABS
Processes: Injection molding, coating
Application: Hair beauty salon treatments

Dishwasher Filter
Product Name: Filter
Product: Filter
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Process: Punching press
Application: Filtering out dirt in a dishwasher
Feature: Insert-molded handle

Battery Charger
Product Name: 400 W charger for lithium-ion batteries
Product: DC power supply unit
Materials: Electronic device
Process: Finished (assembled) product
Application: Charging lithium-ion batteries for industrial vacuum cleaners
Features: High output (29.4 V/12 A); imported from China

Refrigerator Shelf Part
Product Name: Glass shelf
Product: Refrigerator glass shelf
Materials: Glass, resin (PP, ABS, etc.), sheet metal
Processes: Tempered glass insert injection molding, sheet metal pressing
Application: Household refrigerator shelves
Feature: Imported from a Chinese manufacturer via ATZ overseas location

Vehicle-Mounted Camera Washing Pump
Product Name: PUMP ASSY-AIR
Product: Rear view camera washing pump
Materials: PPS, rubber
Processes: Injection molding, press work
Application: Rear view camera cleaning
Features: Model-specific design (pressed items); all parts are assembled; delivered as finished products

1) Low-Profile Casters 2) Wiring Hole Covers
Product Name: Low-profile casters for serving carts
Products: Low-profile casters
Materials: POM、PA6、PA66、SEHC、SUS304、S45C
Processes: Injection, cutting, pressing, assembly
Application: Serving cart casters
Feature: Imported from Malaysia
Product Name: Wiring hole covers for serving carts
Products: Wiring hole covers
Material: ABS
Processes: Injection, assembly
Application: Top board wiring hole covers

Convenience Store Steamer Showcase Rack
Product Name: Aluminum rack
Product: Aluminum rack for convenience store meat bun steamer showcase
Material: Aluminum
Processes: Aluminum extrusion, deposition, anodizing
Application: 5 to 6 racks are used as shelves in a meat bun steamer showcase
Features: Anodized to prevent aluminum corrosion and abrasion; manufactured, assembled, and anodized in China