Extrusion Molding

4 products correspond to the condition.

Air Conditioner Piping Parts
Product Name: Polyethylene foam
Product: Polyethylene foam
Material: Foamed polyethylene
Processes: Extrusion molding, cutting-off
Application: Heat insulation of air conditioner piping

Bathroom Piping Parts
Product Name: Flush pipe set
Product: Piping for flushing toilets for modular bathrooms
Materials: PVC, ABS, PP (containing 20% glass), EPDM
Processes: Blow molding, rubber compression molding, assembly
Application: Piping for flushing toilet bowls in modular bathrooms

Hose Parts
Product Name: Drain hoses
Product: Drain hoses
Materials: Elastomer, PP
Processes: Two-color extrusion
Application: Drain hoses for dishwashers
Feature: Hoses with reinforcement wire resistant to buckling

Kitchen Faucet
Product Name: Sprayer hose assembly
Product: Sprayer hose
Materials: Stainless steel, ABS, EPDM, PVC, brass
Processes: Injection molding, plating, assembly
Application: Sprayer hose for kitchens
Feature: Direct plating has excellent corrosion resistance