[Other Consumer Products]

14 products correspond to the condition.

Ship Flanges
Product Name: Ship hydraulic flanges
Products: Hydraulic flanges
Material: Brass
Processes: Forging, cutting
Application: Flanges to connect valves to piping

Ship Valve Parts
Product Name: Ship valve body
Product: Valve body
Material: Stainless steel
Processes: Casting, cutting
Application: A device to control fluid flow

Ship Seat Rings
Product Name: Seat rings for ship valves
Product: Seat rings for butterfly valves
Material: NBR, mild steel (JIS SS400)
Processes: Transfer molding, injection molding, metal, rubber
Application: Butterfly valves for ships

Conveyor Chain
Product Name: Conveyer main body chain
Product: Conveyer main body chain
Materials: Plastics, elastomer, stainless steel
Processes: Injection molding (2 color molding) & metal cutting
Application: Bill conveyors
Feature: Injection-molded parts and machined metal parts (metal pins) are combined to assemble a chain.

Curtain Ornaments
Product Name: Tassel hooks and finials for safety
Products: Curtain accessories
Materials: ABS, springs
Processes: Injection molding, vapor deposition
Application: Tassel hooks and ornamental curtain rail end parts
Features: Designed to come off when force is applied, for safety reasons; sophisticated appearance

Darts Equipment
Product Name: Dart flights
Products: Dart flights
Material: PE
Processes: Injection molding, pad printing
Application: Dart flights
Feature: Two pieces made thinner by one piece

Darts Equipment
Product Name: Dart flight case
Product: Dart case
Material: PP
Processes: Injection molding, screen printing
Application: Stores darts
Feature: The hinge sections have different thickness to hold the lid steady.

Desk Mats
Product Name: Desk mats
Products: Desk mats for schoolchildren
Material: PVC sheets
Processes: Cutting, plastic welding, screen printing
Application: Desk mats

1) Low-Profile Casters 2) Wiring Hole Covers
Product Name: Low-profile casters for serving carts
Products: Low-profile casters
Materials: POM、PA6、PA66、SEHC、SUS304、S45C
Processes: Injection, cutting, pressing, assembly
Application: Serving cart casters
Feature: Imported from Malaysia
Product Name: Wiring hole covers for serving carts
Products: Wiring hole covers
Material: ABS
Processes: Injection, assembly
Application: Top board wiring hole covers

Product Name: Farm equipment tires
Products: Farm equipment tires
Material: NBR, SBR, IIR, brass
Process: Compression molding
Application: Farm equipment tires
Feature: Also available in custom specifications and sizes

Forklift Tank
Product Name: Oil tank assembly
Product: Plastic tank
Materials: PP containing talc, PP containing glass, nylon mesh, metal
Processes: Blow molding, insert molding, outsert molding, assembly
Application: Forklift oil tank
Features: Large blow molding; use of plastics instead of metal

Convenience Store Steamer Showcase Rack
Product Name: Aluminum rack
Product: Aluminum rack for convenience store meat bun steamer showcase
Material: Aluminum
Processes: Aluminum extrusion, deposition, anodizing
Application: 5 to 6 racks are used as shelves in a meat bun steamer showcase
Features: Anodized to prevent aluminum corrosion and abrasion; manufactured, assembled, and anodized in China

Vending Machine Operation Panel Part
Product Name: Cup vending machine operation panel
Product: Cup vending machines
Materials: ABS, film
Processes: Injection molding, water transfer printing
Application: Cup vending machine button area
Feature: Wood-grain pattern made by water transfer printing

1) Food Showcase Filter 2) Dispenser Pump Assembly 3) Dispenser Chute 4) Dispenser Cleaning Brush
Product Name: Donut showcase filter
Product: Donut showcase filter
Material: PP
Process: Injection molding
Product Name: Pump assembly for cup vending machines
Product: Pump assembly for coffee dispensers
Process: Assembly
Product Name: Chute for cup vending machines
Product: Chute for coffee dispensers
Material: PP
Process: Blow molding
Product Name: Caffè latte machine cleaning brush
Product: Coffee dispenser cleaning brush
Materials: Stainless steel, nylon hair
Product Name: Refrigerant socket (coupler)
Product: Socket for coffee dispensers
Materials: Brass, stainless steel