[Household Fixtures] Kitchen

4 products correspond to the condition.

Water Purifier Faucet
Product Name: Alkaline water purifier faucet
Product: Alkaline water purifier component
Material: ABS
Processes: Injection molding, coating, ultrasonic deposition
Application: Water faucet for water purifiers

Dishwasher Filter
Product Name: Filter
Product: Filter
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Process: Punching press
Application: Filtering out dirt in a dishwasher
Feature: Insert-molded handle

Hose Parts
Product Name: Drain hoses
Product: Drain hoses
Materials: Elastomer, PP
Processes: Two-color extrusion
Application: Drain hoses for dishwashers
Feature: Hoses with reinforcement wire resistant to buckling

Kitchen Faucet
Product Name: Sprayer hose assembly
Product: Sprayer hose
Materials: Stainless steel, ABS, EPDM, PVC, brass
Processes: Injection molding, plating, assembly
Application: Sprayer hose for kitchens
Feature: Direct plating has excellent corrosion resistance