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Auto Meter Parts
Product Name: Auto meter parts
Products: Auto meters, rings, accessories
Materials: ABS, PMMA, PC
Processes: Injection molding, coating, vapor deposition sputtering, laser
Application: Auto meters
Feature: Decorative techniques give the plastic a metal-like texture

Auto Interior Parts (Panels, Switches)
Product Name: Auto interior parts
Products: Auto interior parts
Materials: PC, ABS, acrylic
Processes: Injection molding, coating, half evaporation sputtering, printing, plating
Application: Parts for auto interior panels and switches
Feature: Various decoration methods provide a luxurious feel

Auto Interior Parts (Car Navigation System Parts)
Product Name: CLEAR PANEL
Products: Car navigation peripherals
Material: PC
Processes: Heat & cool molding, hard coating, coating, laser
Application: Car navigation system parts
Feature: All-black design (backlight illuminates only the text displayed)

Auto Interior Parts (Seat Peripheral Parts)
Product Name: Seat covers
Products: Seat covers
Materials: PP, PBT/ABS
Process: Injection molding
Application: Auto seat peripheral parts

Auto Interior Part (Door Peripheral Part)
Product Name: Scuff plate
Product: Scuff plate
Material: PP
Process: Injection molding
Application: Door scuff illumination

1) Sensor Glass 2) Cover Glass
Product Name: Sensor glass
Product: Sensor glass
Material: Glass
Processes: Sputtering, etching
Application: Car navigation system sensors
Feature: Compliant with in-vehicle quality requirements
Product Name: Cover glass
Product: Cover glass
Material: Glass
Processes: CNC processing, surface treatment
Application: Car navigation system covers
Feature: Luxurious cover made with glass material and anti-glare surface treatment