President's Message

Our Willingness to Try Everything from A to Z in Our Efforts to Meet Customers' Needs.

Since our start in 1951 as a trading company that specialized in industrial rubber products, we have expanded to cover a broad variety of fields, including vehicles, home appliances, household fixtures, and information and communications devices. In 1990, we established our first overseas subsidiary in Malaysia, and in the years since we have opened further subsidiaries in China, Thailand, Singapore, and even Sweden. In addition to our work as a trading company, we have also expanded into the field of production, with a plant in Sendai, Japan, as well as overseas plants in Malaysia, China (in Hangzhou and Dalian), and Thailand, in order to continue our efforts to meet customers' needs.

President and Representative Director Naoki Onda

We celebrated our 65th anniversary in April of 2016, having overcome numerous economic fluctuations — that we were able to make it this far is entirely thanks to the warm support of our many clients and suppliers. Our name, ATRYZ, originates from our willingness to consider every possibility when it comes to providing solutions for our customers: we will try everything from A to Z in our efforts to meet our customers' needs, and we will try everything within the unlimited possibilities that come from our functions as both a trading company and as a manufacturer, both domestically and internationally. Indeed, we consider it our mission to contribute in these ways not only to our customers' success, but to society as a whole.
Looking forward, it is clear that the environment we operate in will not only continue to change, but will become even more complex. Our products may evolve and transition with the times, but our resolution to continue to try everything to satisfy our customers' needs is unwavering. We look forward to trying our best, every day, to be a company that customers continue to turn to.


The Possibilities of ATRYZ = 'Trading & Manufacturing' & 'Domestic & International' & 'TRY EVERYTHING'